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Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents Day OFF

Spent the day watching the history channel today. It's a Holiday off.
Might as well learn why we have this day off. Learning about all the presidents.

Property is quiet except for Vista school, all teachers are working in thier room.

I went driving around the back neighborhoods looking for that dark Grey Nissan License plate: 595ZDH , I'm gonna catch this thief!! I will find this dude!! And have him arrested for breaking into our church.

Today I also went to RoundRock to get some RoundRock donuts !!! Yum!! Try it!

I ate lunch also with my wife at Flatop burgers. She loved it!! It's off manor Road.

This all went down today on Presidents Day , my day off...

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fun Day

Sunday work day. Up early. Chilly morning but clear and sunny , recently I have been drinking those 5 hour energy drinks on Sunday only quick get up and run . Thank you Fozzie for opening up every Sunday , you make it fun.

I had no idea what today would bring. lance Ivey first time on Sunday Speakinkag to us. He was great and Anointed . Follow him on twitter @lanceivey great guy . "The Coach"

Thx Jarrod for Lunch and spotting us at Carrabbas cuz I was Broke. But we ate like Kings with no Gold.

No afternoon nap. Glad I didn't have to go to temple Tx today. Wife went and bought some bluebell , then I went to my little cousins Birthday party at skate Land .... Fun , Hung out with my bro for awihile with friend . All our cousins and we had the whole place to ourselfs to skate and Dance. Skating rinks have the best Music . We had pizza and candy ha ha my favorite. We did the hokey pokey , Limbo! How low can you drop....

I asked my cousin who works with APD to run some car plates. We are about to catch some thieves who have been robbing our church. Now I have back up. He asked to keep this on the DL.... So I won't name no names.
I had a FUN DAY

Feb16 2013 Brothers Birthday

Today was a good day bleeding into the 17th .... Late into. It was my brothers 35 birthday we celebrated. Over at my moms , just friends came over. It felt good to spend the eve with my bro and family. Jarrod and Karissa came over, my family loves them.
It was chilly Saturday.
I bought two new polos at Dillard's for a gift for my little bro.
Had a random call from paradise Island , found another wounded hawk, didn't want him this time.
Slept in on Saturday , got refreshed... Sleeping feels so good.
Didn't clean like I wanted, need to sort out my winter. Mothers from my spring stuff. It's on it's way! The Texas Heat !! You ready!!
Carlos my parents next door Nieghbor showed up today at the party, he is a very interesting hippie! Great photographer !! He taught my wife some stuff on her iPad to fix up with her pics. I thought that was way cool.
We ended tonight with watching a chick flick!!! "Safe Haven" GAY

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


2013 is here. This could be our last year on Earth!! They said 2012 was the END, I think it was the beginning of the End. BOTTOM line I wanna tackle 13! I  want to dominate 13! I want to OWN 13! For once in my life I want to live a full year completely on top of my mountain!
It's true without GOD we are nothing and if we are to conquer our destiny , conquer our year , Seize the Day!
We have to put GOD first in our Lives! I guess that why so many people start the year strong .... Then eventually forget all their discipline about GOD first. Then they are sucking wind at the end of the Year!!!
I always loved when Popeye was getting beat up by Brutus but then he ate his spinach right before I thought he was done! BAM he was back in the fight whooping some butt!!! Well this year I'm gonna eat my spinach when things go bad!!! I will read my BIBLE , pray , Fast, Worship!!! Instead of Gripe and Complain like a little sissy!!! 13 will be a AWESoME Year!!! And I pray the same for you! - YO QUICK NOTE DROP ME A COMMENT OR PLUS on my GOOGLE PLUS... or a LIKE or a CHECK MY ONE OF THE BOXES BELOW IF YOU DONT MIND...THANKS