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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Leave it alone

If you continue to mess with it!! After you have been told leave it alone!! Then leave it alone and don’t complain!!! BUT then next week your back? What? Leave it alone!!! Are you you crazy!! Sorry I had to vent.. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

School of Intercession ????

Honestly what is your opinion of haveing a full time School in Austin devoted to the Gift and arts of prayer? An environment where others can come learn more about them self’s and thier purpose in the kingdom of GOD? I’m not talking about building a church at all!! I’m talking about  a School all about PRAYER based upon the Nazarites class protocols we have used? And of course other teachings that line up . Not just a "House of prayer" but a "Nazarite : international School of prayer"  schwaoooooo! Shabba!!! I feel it in my feet! Leave a comment...

2018 BloodMoons

Pay attention to all current events after these last bloodmoons, apparently this is a sign to us Christian....Persecution and odd things to come are very near, honestly do you believe this? I’m curious do you? Me ? Yes I do. This is why if you don’t believe me just keep the news on and watch for current events things are going to really bad!!   Click >>> This weeks blood-moons!