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Monday, December 30, 2013

Colorado Springs ,two things you must do!

Pikes Peak!!! All the way to the top.... If u ever go through Colorado Springs! U must visit 2places!!! U must visit two tourist sites that are essential to Being an all American , or at least add to your Bucket list, # 1 if you visit Colorado Springs is you must jump on the COG and ride it all the way up to the summit that is a little over 14,000 FT
Below pic my mom and Dad romantically on the COG #PikesPeakCOG
Picture below (my dad) pondering why the Longhorns Sux this year 
Picture below Momma Emma looking Hot!!
Picture Below my wife Caren enjoying the view 

Now the # 2 thing you MUST DO if you travel through Colorado Springs , is visit "Garden Of the Gods" this vacation the Lujans Loved it!!!

Pictures Below Caren Lujan my wife and me ,Mom and Dad!!

Enjoying the rest of 2013.... Be Blessed

Remember "it's not how you start the year!!! It's how finish the year!! So finish the year strong!! 

Loving Frisco

Had no idea how this day was going to be, my family knows nothing about skiing or Colorado! The Lujans are Lost!!! If u never have been to the Rockies , remember this Elevation gets higher than Austin Tx! Ha! Driving through the Rockies , is stressful as it is! Very high and narrow! My dad' the whole time was so stressed driving...

Then to top it off my little niece Adrika got some elevation sicknes, it was bad!!!ł We drove to Breckenridge and frisco not knowing what we were gdoing to see!! OMG we fell in love with these communities , me and my wife also felt so romantic !!! Literally!!! Wow!!!
621 Recreation Way, Frisco, CODoS

It's good to get away and enjoy the mountain Air! We walked around the little town of breckenridge and Frisco , Texans walking amongst foreigners !!ti
Then the best part of the day , being Meskin we love Toobing !!! Ha ha , so we found us a awesome spot ! Right outside of Frisco is the "Toobing lanes" u have to visit this place!! My wife Caren came to life and forgot about us, she was like a little girl , going up and down with endless energy ! We had a blast today


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Colorado Springs RD Tripping!

We were hungry and tired , Adrian my brother stayed at the hotel so did my wife they we tired from the long drive and just wanted out of the SUV, while me and my nieces along with my parents went out to get my Meskin mom , a snow coat .then my dad took us to eat at old Chicago pizza....... Then Guess what it started snowing !!!!! Heck YES!!!! Snowing... Tomorrow's agenda!!! Snow Toobing in Brackenridge ‼️
We are gonna have a white vacation! My wife is so excited!!!  I'll tell you our BUTTs are gonna be bruised... Lol

Road tripping!! #2

Ok dad stop telling me how to drive!!! I'm too fast! Your going too fast around the corners!! Ok dad!! Ha ha so he put my wife to drive from Las Vegas ,New Mexico too Pueblo , Colorado cuz he said I'm reckless !! What!!
 By the way the scenic view is beautiful.... I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew !! My brother is Crashed out! His little Girls are with Grandma all the way in the back snuggled up playing cards!!  My dad is listening to Pandora "The Beatles" my wife listening to pandora "Brazilian Channel" and I brought my pellet Gun looking for squirrel riding shotgun! Yep I'm gonna shoot mountain squirrel!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Road Trip

Say what u will but long road trips can be deadly or it can build unity!!' This road trip for our family has brought us so much closer.... We thus far are having a great time!!! We r in New Mexico ! Near Apache mountain sky resort. We drove all the way to the top, where the ski resort is!! And we as Meskin were blown away at the beauty , we ate a amwesome meal at the casino!!! Yum!! Andmnow in the morning we are taking off to Colorado, looking fwd to it. My wife is excited
Family time creates a powerful anointing that the devil hates !!! Below is some apache art they  have in front the casino.... Mountain spirits they call them!! Let me introduce them to the all powerfully  ..plz .leave me a comment ....