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Saturday, September 28, 2013


I want it to rain for forty days !!! And everything gets Flooded. 
I want the rain to hit us so Bad that we have to use paddle boats to get around instead of our Cars!!! I want a 40 day  and Night rain to hit us!! Fill up our lakes , this drought to be Broken.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remember not everyone will like you!!

I have a HARD TIME , when people don't agree or get along with me, I have a tendency to take things personal, then my whole day gets ruined. Go figure. Sensitive Charlie. I will admit I have a KILLER side of me that I keep under the blood of Jesus!! Or else I just may snap some chicken necks!! Ha ha lol.
Insecurities !! We all have them and they are hard to deal with. My suggestion , identify all of your personal insecurities and Deal with them. So I'm posting this picture of me and mike on the boat, notice I have shades on ? Cuz I was trying to hide !!  I was upset. But i hid it that day behind my shades. Mike made me laugh! And that Eveing became better. All storms pass and a sunny day is around the corner!! So things always do get better!! U just have wait it out .... With good friends makes thing last easier.