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Friday, October 11, 2013

No Loyalty no Respect

Loyalty is to be Shown Behind Close doors and by your Actions. To Prove true Loyalty it takes time "SERVED" through your actions of Servitude, and then Followed by Silence , strengthens your Loyalty.  To sharpen your Loyalty adversity must Come and pass. with you still by the Side. Loyalty comes when all Hell Breaks out and your still thier. I would rather have some ONE FULL OF LOYALTY with no compentance , than have someone who is Fully Compentant with NO LOYALTY. 
Come to my face and Smile , tell me how much you admire me in public , but just an Hour earlier you were in the Office behind close Doors makeing statements that Question me. BAM we know who you are .... We got you all Figured out. My job is just to continue to love you Geniune Love , But the Fact is NO LOYALTY no RESPECT. 

Serve in the Ranks of Life and Death ....In the Kingdom , for the Kingdom ....Then your Team needs to be Loyal, and Trusted.....