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Friday, February 3, 2017


So you are seeking healing from a past ,  BAD RELATIONSHIP..... you come to Church to get healing , get your confidence back..Ect...
Well do not get into another relationship  during the healing process ...DONT LIE TO YOURSELF and think cause your lonely that being in another realationship is going to make your hurt go away?? STOP THE CYCLE from repeating it self.
If you keep finding your self in this Vicious cycle of dating bad choices  THEN STOP DATING!!! Dating another person doesn't heal the past!!! 
In Ministrsy this is one of my Biggest problems with people who are seeking to walk the right patch with GOD, but neglect ALL WISDOM once they become lonely!!! learn to walk with GOD even during your loneliest times, be. Mature and walk upright with the LORD. Let GOD do his thing in your life and let the healing , process complete it self.


Fear? We are not suppose to look back....only FWD to the future yet i get some fear everyone now and then , But i have to always keep trusting in GOD and HIS promises , you can loose site of that.... FEAR IS A LIE OF THE DEVIL, Dont miss your Blessing....or because of fear you can loose it..