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Monday, December 8, 2014

Wicked in the Ranks

 My brother said who needs enemy's when you have them so close as it is. Daily we talk; face to face. I laughed cuz he's right. So we play the game.... Fake it till you make it.

The Diva #ABLeadership

I have seen good simple people start of great in the Ministry; they start off humble......then they become Ministry DIVAS!!! So sad... Don't become a Diva...
They become so demanding; they become upset at the church if they don't get the recognition they feel they deserve, WHAT???? Deserve???? It's not about us!!!!! It's about Jesus!!! If a door opens for your Ministry !!! Amen but don't become so demanding!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy 8th Year Anniversary CAREN LUJAN

I have absolutley  no sympathy for single men who say they are afraid of bieng hurt or they have a hard time trusting women. Just becuase they have been BURN or HURT before...... YOU SINGLE MEN Deserve never to FALL IN LOVE!! you Spineless SISSY's!!!! where is your fight as MAN!!
8 years ago i was rejected 9 times by Caren Lujan, She Ran from me 12 times.....she almost called the Senior Pastor to report Harrasment on me... i had so many people come agianst me saying she is not the ONE!! 
BUT my mom Said Mejo , A man has to FIGHT for what he THINKS IS HIS !!!Texans Say REMEBER THE ALAMO!!! Marines Say SEMPER FIDELIS.....Charlie Says "ME LOVE GURL"!!! Hubba BUBBA!!! BUT the BIBLE Say "LOVE CONQUERS ALL" and i was BLESSED when Finally her walls came crumbling down when i blew her a KISS and Wink!! it's the International Sign in all Nationalities to i love you!!. WOW and Eight Years later i am a BETTER MAN!! i truly understand what  Delicious HOME COOKING IS!!! That LOVE GROWS EVERY DAY as you nurture it and Grows Stronger after Every Battle !! the BOND THICKENS  every Day........My Heart says I LOVE YOU CAREN LUJAN Happy 8th Anniversary HONEY BUNNY!!! Te AMO!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ChuckD 1.02

Lessons learned up till now.
 As u get older taking a shower every single day is a must!!!, married men tell your wife you love her everyday , or some else will. Single men starting a fight over a woman who does not love u is a big waste of your time, she don't like you! Leave her alone!
Your itchy athletes foot will get worst if u try to ignore it. 
Toilet time is my time !!

 I hate football BUT learn to ACT like I like in TEXAS
As leader u will always have Haters, and Haters make u stronger. Don't be a people pleaser.

Obey donot disobey, obedience is a character Builder.

I love Meskin jokes

Want to build strong Charcter in yourself constantly be challenged or Placed in a position to be challenged all the time.

I love Christmas and winter, I don't like the TEXAS heat !! I Love the mountains.., I kinda like the Beach....

I can fall asleep anywhere ! Anytime!! 

I call my mom or txt her everyday to tell her I love HER.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Hurt...

How do you comfort your HOMMIE after he held his love of his life, the mother of his two Children in his arms, as she grasped for her last breaths of air , bleeding to death in his arms. 
My HOMMIE tried to quiet his screams of anguish in the garage cold floor as he held his children's dying mother bleeding out in a pool of Blood. She was his best friend, the love that calmed his wild side. He Held her tight one more time as life slipped away from her Eyes looking afar into death. 
He is a single dad now, broken, hurt BUT standing strong for his kids. 
It was hard for me to see him cry, I had no words but to Hug him , hold him like a brother. After the funeral all he wanted was for me to talk about child hood memories of laughter. He laughed out loud . For a while forgetting his grief. He stopped for a second feeling guilty for laughing, but later thanking me for helping him forget his anquish. I will spend time with my friend. I will so my best . We are 40 now , when we became friends we were 10yearsold . We are family

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Season

We all have our ups and downs.... Recently , I was burned out..... But I never said a Thing..... But I stayed in prayer !!! I kept my wick lit , fire burning...
Feel way more victorious. Took a road trip with my boss ... Lometa and we prayed through...... Remember never stop praying!!!! Learn to pray your self 7through! You must learn what praying through means!!! It's so important..... So when you have a bad Day, a bad season must lay yourself on the altar and just lay before The Lord BROKEN, and know that NO flesh is good flesh !!! GOD must kill our flesh and our Flesh must die daily!!!!!!....... Then GOD can raise u up!!!!
Get rid of your pride..... Let go of your pride!!!  Now I feel like a new season is coming and I'm ready, for anything....