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Sunday, January 17, 2016

"Come and Take it"

With All our American troops coming back from Iraq , and places like Afghanistan ; they are coming back battle Harden. They are now integrated into civilian society all over the States. So when we do get attack in the Future by terrorist  , in our bars , our schools , our shopping malls don't expect everyone to run in hide , scream for help like in France and other countries.... I can gaurentee either a hail of bullets from armed citizens or gang members!! Or getting tackled by old veterans. Bottom line  the terrorist who attack us on American soil are gonna be shocked.  Hell they might even be trapped in a building calling 911 after attempting to attack one of our Soft targets , and then the American Civilans gang up on the terrorist. I say to the world don't underestimate us on our home front!  And Don't mess with our McDonald's. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Ironic in Iran Tehran

I love this photo from CNN world Report, Iranian Police. The Same Iranaians who Burn the American Flag! Hate the West, can't stand any other Tounge than Farsi!! Yet the Police! Wearing used Stardard "American Made" Riot Gear from our Police departments with POLICE in English !! Not Farsi written on thier shields!! This is a LOL moment or LMAO moment! I bet these same police listen to M-TV or have iPads !!! Or can't wait to get off work and watch the lastest Episode of the "BIG BANG" in Farsi subtitles ..... I love it!! "The End of the World is Near!!..... Your thoughts Apreciated ...

"Charlie's International"