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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Hungry Man has no Table Manners

so this guy at church keeps saying he can't feel GOD ,  He helps out and more and more is getting involved at church....he got the HOLYGHOST  when he was younger......FELT the Presence of GOD in a LONG TIME and he Thinks his salvation is at stake.
Everyone has TOLD HIM OVER AND OVER HE IS OKAY..... half the church has prayed with him.  BISHOP has Called him out and Prayed with him.....BUT he keeps Struggling with DOES GOD LOVE HIM..... DOES HE HAVE SALVATION.....and the FACT he wants to FEEL GOD in his Heart!!! i spoke on the Phone with him for hours going in CIRCLES!! this was driving me and half our church CRAZY.

FINALLY i just snapped and said you want to get filled with GODS SPIRIT!!! YOUR UPSET CUASE NO ONE WANTS to continue to pray with you on this matter and now you want to go to another CHURCH???!!!!

I told HIM GO LOCK YOUR SELF FOR A WEEK IN YOUR ROOM and LISTEN to WORSHIP Music , Shut the DOOR in your room and  DONT COME OUT OF THAT room till you are full of the HOLYGHOST and Speaking in TOUNGUES!!  just like the UPPERROOM in the BOOK OF ACTS....

SO NOW He's gonna go buy and Music CD's or Download , go Buy a Speaker or Radio to play the MUSIC he buys, cause he's  GONNA LOCK HIM SELF IN THE ROOM Till he gets what he NEEDS ! He doesn't CARE HE SAID...he is also setting a time Schedule for me and some others to come Join him in his ROOM and pray and worship with him during this and he Chases after GOD