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Monday, May 13, 2013

Evenly Yoked or Unevenly Choked

We are all meant to find a mate , I believe  everyone should be with someone. God made Adam,Eve ,his woman. 
God never intended for us to walk alone but in TWO's. If u choose to be single , that's your choice. BUT why would you want to , if God made us not too? And if you can't find someone? Then why not? Something wrong with you? ... This is where we have to be careful cuz we need to be sure not to rush into anything.
Thing is ? Is it the right mate? If your not careful u can end up with someone you will regret later in life.
 Alot of people cuz of personal fears and insecurities make a fatal mistake and settle!!! Settle with someone who they think at the time is the best thing for them. Then they find out they are unevenly choked Ou!t and end up miserable!! Don't fall into this pitfall!!!
How about a friendship? Friendships can also be unevenly yoked!!! Being friends with someone that continuously  wants you to listen to their problems , their victories BUT when you have something to share they can careless!!! Dump that !!

This Coming Friday May 17 at FNL!! I will be talking about this, wanna no more about my thoughts on this subject ??