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Thursday, November 12, 2015

"A new Season"

Do not bring your doubt !!! Your fears into your next season of Blessing!!! Do not say I should have done it this way or that way!!! I messed my whole life up cause of some bad descisicions!! Their is REDEMPTION in the Blood of the LAMB out of the Hand of the Enemy you are redeemed!!!  Your destiny set back on course EVEN in this moment of dispair, hopelessness , distraught !!! GOD will finish what he started!! Now I look forward to my new season!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Hungry Man has no Table Manners

so this guy at church keeps saying he can't feel GOD ,  He helps out and more and more is getting involved at church....he got the HOLYGHOST  when he was younger......FELT the Presence of GOD in a LONG TIME and he Thinks his salvation is at stake.
Everyone has TOLD HIM OVER AND OVER HE IS OKAY..... half the church has prayed with him.  BISHOP has Called him out and Prayed with him.....BUT he keeps Struggling with DOES GOD LOVE HIM..... DOES HE HAVE SALVATION.....and the FACT he wants to FEEL GOD in his Heart!!! i spoke on the Phone with him for hours going in CIRCLES!! this was driving me and half our church CRAZY.

FINALLY i just snapped and said you want to get filled with GODS SPIRIT!!! YOUR UPSET CUASE NO ONE WANTS to continue to pray with you on this matter and now you want to go to another CHURCH???!!!!

I told HIM GO LOCK YOUR SELF FOR A WEEK IN YOUR ROOM and LISTEN to WORSHIP Music , Shut the DOOR in your room and  DONT COME OUT OF THAT room till you are full of the HOLYGHOST and Speaking in TOUNGUES!!  just like the UPPERROOM in the BOOK OF ACTS....

SO NOW He's gonna go buy and Music CD's or Download , go Buy a Speaker or Radio to play the MUSIC he buys, cause he's  GONNA LOCK HIM SELF IN THE ROOM Till he gets what he NEEDS ! He doesn't CARE HE SAID...he is also setting a time Schedule for me and some others to come Join him in his ROOM and pray and worship with him during this and he Chases after GOD


Monday, August 31, 2015

RIP Antonio Vera Aug 31, 2015


Antonio Vera
1939 - 2015 , Aug 31st

MY WIFE IS sad but Strong all at the same time...ANTOINO VERA HER FATHER JUST passed away like a couple Hours Ago. Actually she is a lot Stronger than i thought. She will be Leaving tomorrow at Noon...MY HEART GOES OUT TO MY WIFE...Please Say a prayer of Comfort for the VERA FAMILY and Traveling Mercies for my She Travels to be with her family in Brazil.



(DarkBlue shirt sitting Down)

So my wife leaves this coming Tuesday .... My Father in law AntonioVera is loved by all and feared by none cause he's a good man!!, I'm glad we Became Friends ; he has been struggling with cancer all over his Body ; he's in the hospital not responding , they are gathering the family so my wife has to hurry and join with praying he stays alive long enough so she can see him and speak to him before he crosses over to the other side.
my wife is ready. it's been hard for the past few weeks. BUTS she is now ready.
my prayers , my heart and Tears are with the Vera Family in Brazil right now...i love them...JUST PRAY COMFORT FOR THEM...the Next Two days will be busy for me and my wife..
She flys out Tuesday at noon. Mean While I'm just 
comforting my wife...loving on her...


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Monday, August 24, 2015


Ok so if you come late or show up late, you end up being late, sometimes we can not help it and we just do , we all have been late sometime in our life, that's ok!!
 BUT I'm  speaking about all the time!!! Those who walk in late!!! All the Freaking Time!!! Then expect to get a front row seats !!!! And try to sit up front!! Or act appaulled, shocked and disgusted, NOW That's a JOKE!!!!!!, if you want front row seat privlleages then get your BUTT on time. 
If you show up late!! Don't expect ever to get good seats any where...... Suck it up!!! 
These are the same people who have great ideas; actually some of the best ideas BUT they can not follow through with any of their ideas!!! What the Heck!!! They can never commit!!! The Key word is "COMMIT" then they want to be in a position of Leadership?????? What the Heck???

On another note we had Pizza Night at my house and thin Crust!! Yum

Please leave a comment ; I would love it ; any feedback; if your getting this via email all you have to do is respond by emailing back to this email.

Friday, August 14, 2015

43 and Counting

In 2015 I had a great Time for my Birthday!!!

Mom and Dad I love u mucho!!

My Honey Bunny ;Bestfriend turning the Big 43 With her.

Judy Ebbitt I send u LOTS of xoxox for watching My Six!!

Honestly I feel blessed this Year! Maturing ? I love My Church and Churchr Family!! This year my dad works with my wiife at Church I feel great about that ! My Bro almost died this yeTar! But by the Grace of  GOD he LIVES to see another Day!!
Friends at 43 yrs old!!

My Birthday Cake Judy made strawberry
Let's kill it !!!!!

Aw www charlie!!!! Ur so Cute !!!! cake and IceCream!!

Then Another Birthday Cake from the Wonderful Ladies from my Class I teach on Wed Nights....
... I need to lose weight!!!! Or I'm not gonna make it .... I'm gonna get healthy for reals

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This is really Spooky and bothers me? what do you think about this?

If you have a Chance to watch a this VIDEO please comment and let me know what you think about this...Some sounds were heard in SanAntonio..... I really think this Supernatural...even though many people doubt it...NOT ME...READ YOUR BIBLE.....


Monday, June 1, 2015

Mi Familia

No Family, is Perfect, we argue , WE FIGHT. 

WE EVEN STOP TALKING to each other at times, BUT in the end, FAMILY IS FAMILY.....
THE LOVE will always be there. 


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Karissa Norris Baker and Patrick MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU!!

i don't know what to say......i can't think of any words that may comfort you both right now....i know the feeling of frustration , at the last minute , so far away , passports, plane tickets , Visas......time keeps ticking till you are able to hug your Grieving mother....

You lost your father ...i don't know what to say to make things feel better or any better ....

Jace got to play with VOVO , hug him , kiss him ...last time i saw you guys eating Olive Garden...

I love you sweet Karissa....i love you Patrick... BROTHER AND SISTER , i know your dad Wants both of you to watch out for each other , Lean on each other, ......

Jace had a great GRANDFATHER... Jace has his Eyes.... My Heart goes out to you guys...i don't have any words to comfort you right now...

Your Daddy is walking and Happy now...Looking down and Smiling.....

In Memory of Jeffery Norris

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Love your Haters!!

Everyone that is in some type of Leadership role will need too deal with YOUR HATERS eventually !! you will always have some one that HATES ON YOU ALL THE TIME...Doesnt agree with you at all....just straight up can't stand you.... i truly believe GOD allows this to happen. To help BUILD in you some Strong Fortitude , strong Character in you.....

The Enemy is always ready to point out your WEAKNESS , Expose you!!! Remember their is always a little truth in the Message of your Enemies...or else the enemy wouldn't be using it against you.....SO it's always good to at least PAY attention to what the Enemy is trying to SMEAR YOU with!! Just don't let it BE YOUR IDENTITY or let it Rip your Emotions.... take it as a Grain of salt...

Your Haters will make you stronger at the END...Make you more LOVING and TOUGHER...keep you humble!......i welcome my Haters..... TODAY my Haters came after so many different ways....

i will say it is GOOD to have good Friends who stick up for you....who watch your back...Smash any GOSSIP that they may  HEAR?? today i want to say SPECIAL THANKS to...."FRED BLACKMAN" ...... "FAUSTINO MARTINEZ"..

at the Same time i want to THANK MY SPECIAL TEAM of "Haters" today for making me stronger ....and Brining the BEST OUT IN ME....helping me understand where i need too improve ...or where i am Lacking....i promise i will be a better charlie tomorrow.... WHAT DOEST KILL you Just makes you Stronger!!!  HELLO SOMEBODY!! " I LOVE U !!! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Family Drama

Family Drama can be the worst kind of upset the brother....the little brother upsets the father ....Father upsets the mother , the Mother calls and snaps at the Big brother!!! BUT remember at the End of the Day we are BLOOD and we love everyone regardless of their Faults....

Family Drama can be the worst kind of Funerals i have seen it get ugly always have that one aunt that GOES off on everyone or about Awkward....

i guess in the Kingdom , at Church we are Family also...RIGHT? and we may fight or disagree sometimes with each other...But we shouldn't let the Enemy separate and Create bitterness in our Camp...our HOUSE , our Church Body....we need to let things go and we must FORGIVE and LOVE ONE ANOTHER as brothers and sisters in ONE HUGE BIG FAMILY!!!!

We are under the BLOOD OF JESUS.....we are one BLOOD , the SAME BLOOD....and we must Remember never LET the Enemy create DIVISION in our camp.....

LOVE YOU GUYS...hope 2015 is a HUGE OPEN DOOR FOR YOU!! Be Blessed