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Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm sorry

POLITICS , Church Politics

Stay out of politics 👌🏾 ok ?? Should i ? If I'm in a influential Leadership position? I have an opinion? NO ITS NOT WRONG TO VOICE MY OPINION 

HONESTLY : i feel like as Christians we are being more persecuted than ever before.....  SO IM AGAINST ABORTION? thats my opinion......why am i demonized for it? i need a platform to express my OPINON BE MY SELF with out hiding what i post? i hate that....i have to be careful what i post on FB , i have to be careful what i post on Twitter!!!! I want to post what i feel....and yes i do understand you have to be careful not to vent cause it make you look bad, being negative all the time...BUT I'm talking about my raw opinion on i have choosing this PLATFORM , blogger to journal my thoughts and opinions , not my. EMOTIONS but true raw opinions on situations.....but i have a Feeling even this will feel the pressure of censoring my true feelings eventually from the public.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Everyone says or wants to think they are loyal? But loyalty goes both ways...don't abuse your Loyal Peeps at work or in the ministry.....just like LOVE you need to cultivate Loyalty. BONDING by spending quality time helps develop natural loyalty. If Leadership wants loyalty or demands loyalty then the leadership must be loyal to its people. The people are watching.  BUYING LOYALTY DOES NOT LAST....if you think by providing Money and goods is enough , it's not.. ;IT DOES HELP...... 
Serving ONE ANOTHER in different ways wether your the Leader or not. 
Being in ministry now i realized the more you serve as a leader you continuously need to show love and respect to your volunteers , Honor them , appreciate them Genuinely, people feel that love.....LOVE CONQUERS ALL   .... if you neglect people and don't give honor where honor is due, you will loose the loyalty as a leader that you think you have or had at one time from your volunteers.......... DONT ASSUME people are loyal just because they say they are. Actions will speak louder then their words. I know a person who will throw me under the Bus every time they can and at the same time tell me I'm family, LOL , 
Honestly in ministry , working on staff , knowing other church staffs , working with staffs from different Churches  , i have recognized Loyalty is not taught , or even cultivated amongst peers? I would think where i work it is taught , cause we are like family...but our church staff is rare, and I'm very fortunate to be part of it for over 15 years....
I think a natural Characteristic that comes from a strong family is LOYALTY cause of LOVE. What do you think? I would like to know your thought on it. COMMENT if you don't mind