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Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Mind

My mind plays tricks on me!! Some times I feel like I'm on cloud nine , then other days I feel so confused. Gots to keep reminding my self Spirit , Soul , Body!!!! Keep your body Discipline to keep your spirit in Check and your soul in Mind!! Those who work their body keep the rest in Check... Read your bible more and it directs your path , steers your destiny in the right direction!! Only if your flesh is in your back to Fasting!!! And working out to keep the flesh in check . It's called Discipline... Something most people Lack!!! I'm on a quest .... To get some discipline in my nasty Body!! I want my destiny to line up to Gods perfect will in my life!! Seek and you shall find ! knock and the door will be opened !!! Knock knock!!! (By way the pics below is my little brother working out)

ThankFull and sick

I have been sick !!! Laying in bed praying and wishing I was with you. Thx Robert for my Tamales, Home delivery. 🎅🎄🎁
Lou Odunaiya and Fred thx for holding down the fort this Friday night. Very appreciative for all you AB that prayed for me thanks, I really needed it. I'm excited all you ABs stepping up and taking Charge ..... Hey and CJ The Lord spared him!! He got into
A horrible wreck.
Remember Christmas Party Dec 14 my House .... Get on twitter and follow courageministry Nxt Friday December 7th will be our last for 2012