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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thank you Hommies SxSw 2016

I'm so dead tired right now and it's 2:08 am in the morning going into Sunday ....
But I have to say thank you too a die hard volunteer crew... You never know who really has your six until the darkest hour and all of a sudden Heros and champions arise out of the dust it seems!! people who you don't have to remind them you need help , they just show up , they heard a rumor the church needs help with volunteers. It is during times like these that new friendships are developed and Loyalties are forged. I was tired and so were you but you hung in thier with me all the way till the end!!! Thank you!! 
Even you just helped out for one hour you came when we needed you!! My feet hurt but it would be hurting a lot more if you didn't help me!! 
Move chairs , tables , Vaccum , through trash , clean toilets , radio Check over!! I just wanted to holler at you and say thank you for helping SxSw 2016!