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Monday, December 30, 2013

Colorado Springs ,two things you must do!

Pikes Peak!!! All the way to the top.... If u ever go through Colorado Springs! U must visit 2places!!! U must visit two tourist sites that are essential to Being an all American , or at least add to your Bucket list, # 1 if you visit Colorado Springs is you must jump on the COG and ride it all the way up to the summit that is a little over 14,000 FT
Below pic my mom and Dad romantically on the COG #PikesPeakCOG
Picture below (my dad) pondering why the Longhorns Sux this year 
Picture below Momma Emma looking Hot!!
Picture Below my wife Caren enjoying the view 

Now the # 2 thing you MUST DO if you travel through Colorado Springs , is visit "Garden Of the Gods" this vacation the Lujans Loved it!!!

Pictures Below Caren Lujan my wife and me ,Mom and Dad!!

Enjoying the rest of 2013.... Be Blessed

Remember "it's not how you start the year!!! It's how finish the year!! So finish the year strong!! 

Loving Frisco

Had no idea how this day was going to be, my family knows nothing about skiing or Colorado! The Lujans are Lost!!! If u never have been to the Rockies , remember this Elevation gets higher than Austin Tx! Ha! Driving through the Rockies , is stressful as it is! Very high and narrow! My dad' the whole time was so stressed driving...

Then to top it off my little niece Adrika got some elevation sicknes, it was bad!!!ł We drove to Breckenridge and frisco not knowing what we were gdoing to see!! OMG we fell in love with these communities , me and my wife also felt so romantic !!! Literally!!! Wow!!!
621 Recreation Way, Frisco, CODoS

It's good to get away and enjoy the mountain Air! We walked around the little town of breckenridge and Frisco , Texans walking amongst foreigners !!ti
Then the best part of the day , being Meskin we love Toobing !!! Ha ha , so we found us a awesome spot ! Right outside of Frisco is the "Toobing lanes" u have to visit this place!! My wife Caren came to life and forgot about us, she was like a little girl , going up and down with endless energy ! We had a blast today


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Colorado Springs RD Tripping!

We were hungry and tired , Adrian my brother stayed at the hotel so did my wife they we tired from the long drive and just wanted out of the SUV, while me and my nieces along with my parents went out to get my Meskin mom , a snow coat .then my dad took us to eat at old Chicago pizza....... Then Guess what it started snowing !!!!! Heck YES!!!! Snowing... Tomorrow's agenda!!! Snow Toobing in Brackenridge ‼️
We are gonna have a white vacation! My wife is so excited!!!  I'll tell you our BUTTs are gonna be bruised... Lol

Road tripping!! #2

Ok dad stop telling me how to drive!!! I'm too fast! Your going too fast around the corners!! Ok dad!! Ha ha so he put my wife to drive from Las Vegas ,New Mexico too Pueblo , Colorado cuz he said I'm reckless !! What!!
 By the way the scenic view is beautiful.... I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew !! My brother is Crashed out! His little Girls are with Grandma all the way in the back snuggled up playing cards!!  My dad is listening to Pandora "The Beatles" my wife listening to pandora "Brazilian Channel" and I brought my pellet Gun looking for squirrel riding shotgun! Yep I'm gonna shoot mountain squirrel!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Road Trip

Say what u will but long road trips can be deadly or it can build unity!!' This road trip for our family has brought us so much closer.... We thus far are having a great time!!! We r in New Mexico ! Near Apache mountain sky resort. We drove all the way to the top, where the ski resort is!! And we as Meskin were blown away at the beauty , we ate a amwesome meal at the casino!!! Yum!! Andmnow in the morning we are taking off to Colorado, looking fwd to it. My wife is excited
Family time creates a powerful anointing that the devil hates !!! Below is some apache art they  have in front the casino.... Mountain spirits they call them!! Let me introduce them to the all powerfully  ..plz .leave me a comment ....

Friday, November 29, 2013

New York 2013 day #1

Loving the excitement the people, the weather.... Exploring 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

My Tia with my Wife
Alec my cousin from Joann
My Tios
Chillaxan FOOTBALL 

Love : primos
My Tia Gracie
My Tio Johnny
Primo Alec

Friday, October 11, 2013

No Loyalty no Respect

Loyalty is to be Shown Behind Close doors and by your Actions. To Prove true Loyalty it takes time "SERVED" through your actions of Servitude, and then Followed by Silence , strengthens your Loyalty.  To sharpen your Loyalty adversity must Come and pass. with you still by the Side. Loyalty comes when all Hell Breaks out and your still thier. I would rather have some ONE FULL OF LOYALTY with no compentance , than have someone who is Fully Compentant with NO LOYALTY. 
Come to my face and Smile , tell me how much you admire me in public , but just an Hour earlier you were in the Office behind close Doors makeing statements that Question me. BAM we know who you are .... We got you all Figured out. My job is just to continue to love you Geniune Love , But the Fact is NO LOYALTY no RESPECT. 

Serve in the Ranks of Life and Death ....In the Kingdom , for the Kingdom ....Then your Team needs to be Loyal, and Trusted.....

Saturday, September 28, 2013


I want it to rain for forty days !!! And everything gets Flooded. 
I want the rain to hit us so Bad that we have to use paddle boats to get around instead of our Cars!!! I want a 40 day  and Night rain to hit us!! Fill up our lakes , this drought to be Broken.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remember not everyone will like you!!

I have a HARD TIME , when people don't agree or get along with me, I have a tendency to take things personal, then my whole day gets ruined. Go figure. Sensitive Charlie. I will admit I have a KILLER side of me that I keep under the blood of Jesus!! Or else I just may snap some chicken necks!! Ha ha lol.
Insecurities !! We all have them and they are hard to deal with. My suggestion , identify all of your personal insecurities and Deal with them. So I'm posting this picture of me and mike on the boat, notice I have shades on ? Cuz I was trying to hide !!  I was upset. But i hid it that day behind my shades. Mike made me laugh! And that Eveing became better. All storms pass and a sunny day is around the corner!! So things always do get better!! U just have wait it out .... With good friends makes thing last easier.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Evenly Yoked or Unevenly Choked

We are all meant to find a mate , I believe  everyone should be with someone. God made Adam,Eve ,his woman. 
God never intended for us to walk alone but in TWO's. If u choose to be single , that's your choice. BUT why would you want to , if God made us not too? And if you can't find someone? Then why not? Something wrong with you? ... This is where we have to be careful cuz we need to be sure not to rush into anything.
Thing is ? Is it the right mate? If your not careful u can end up with someone you will regret later in life.
 Alot of people cuz of personal fears and insecurities make a fatal mistake and settle!!! Settle with someone who they think at the time is the best thing for them. Then they find out they are unevenly choked Ou!t and end up miserable!! Don't fall into this pitfall!!!
How about a friendship? Friendships can also be unevenly yoked!!! Being friends with someone that continuously  wants you to listen to their problems , their victories BUT when you have something to share they can careless!!! Dump that !!

This Coming Friday May 17 at FNL!! I will be talking about this, wanna no more about my thoughts on this subject ?? 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Date night with Brazil

Brasil Brazil by Charlie Lujan
Brasil Brazil, a photo by Charlie Lujan on Flickr.

i married into this culture....and as im listening to this music...i feel blessed that my wife is Brazilian. Its really cool. CULTURE...i fit right in. the FOOD , the Music , the Latino lifestyle of all the hugs as you greet each other. Here in Austin in Central Market as they are celebrating the Culture of Brazil. My wife came to life tonight. WE had a blast.....we are going to brazil this year. I AM EXCITED. it will be fun. You know i dont know how to speak Portugues and alot of people say it sounds almost like spanish. NO IT's hard to speak it. now some word might be similar, but for the most part it is HARD. you kow im starting to like the sound of it. I think it sounds sexy....ha ha lol...

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Favorite Drink

My favorite drink in the Whole World. BIG RED. ok i will admit , i will cut back on this drink cause it has too much SUGAR.
May keeps reminding me WE MUST FIGHT to loose wieght. FIGHT for life or death. BUT just so everyone Knows " I LOVE BIG RED with alot of ICE" even though i dont drink so much of this anyways.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fighting Devils and loving Angels

I'm in the middle of a major fight till the death for my health !!!! If you don't mind leave me a comment and give me a Amen! Or just motivate me?!

I'm cutting back on what I eat! I'm going a diet and excersise plan. BUT Icecream and these donuts are straight up devils!!!!
These nxt few months watch me!!! I will be loosing a ton of baby Fat!!! Hello treadmill!! Goodbye devils!!!

On another note !!! Mom I love you! You are my angel in my life, and I love u for that! Well She came over and my wife made steaks and baked patatoe!! With salad!! Then we danced !! We Gave her, her bday gift!! I love u mom!! You make me happy !! Plus you and caren laughed so much hanging together. 👍

Sunday, April 14, 2013


What a weekend, it was Awesome....FAST N Furious...
I was So tired ,
but i would like to say THANK YOU KK for hooking me up !!!! i made it....
in a good way im glad it's over. i had very little drama.

During the Weekend i Shot 3 Squrriel in my backyard.  3 DEAD..

DREN BOI : You over Slept on Sat Morning. BUT you came through all evening on Saturday. you made my day Easier......YOU CAN KEEP MY ZAPATOES....i got your Chucks. NOW YOU SEE THEM NOW YOU DONT...

I realized , when doing events , the PEOPLE make it happen Behind the Scenes , and i am so grateful for those FEW who stand up and Help when we i need it most.

Shout Out!
Maylene Salazar- Graphics!!! thank you and your daughter
Jr. Salazar-Cuz of you and your army you guys held the PRODUCT TABLE!! thank you for showing up early ALSO....HUNGRY HIPPO...I OWE LUNCH.
Rico Ortega : handed fliers out at the door. got some of your peeps to help
Jacob Martinez : for helping n the Green room, and join in at prayer!! He got his PHD on Eating healthy by Edward...ha ha.
Steven Salazar : THANK YOU!!!!!
Faustino : DUDE i get to sleep in on Sundays cuz of you!!!
Cluadia V.;  XOXOXOX

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What a Day!!! April 10th

Today was a nice cool sunny day... Past few days have been cold in the morning. BUT this Thursday in April 10th

3 pictures

1. My favorite place in my House. My snipers nest where I shoot squirrel from , in my shower! This is the view I have when I take some shots.

2. Next pic is of Adrian with his favorite Gun he fell inlove with

3. Then you see these wild pigs we ran up on trapped in a cage! They were Mean as Hell!!!!

Thank you Lawrence Perez for dinner and letting us rip up your back Yard!!! You grill some mean chicken !! So good!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Telling you family is familia...... Everyone may leave u but not your family .... Making memories on Easter 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sooner or Later

if your gonna do it then you have to go COLD TURKEY and just Quit. .....Chills and all just Quit.
You can do it...and everything will be alright....

Empty Words

everyone should know this by NOW ...Never make a promise you can not keep. That sound simple , RIGHT??? then dont commit if you cant. DONT say you will if you cant? Know your limitaions and when to say NO. ......Sooner or later people will just think of you as a liar, Unreliable .... and all you had to do is keep your mouth shut. WOW......Bottom line - DONT MAKE A PROMISE if you cant keep it.....or else your word will be known as Empty Words.

Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm gonna die if I don't stop or cut back from eating this delicious temptation!!!! Bluebell Icecream is a devil!!!! I do love it so much!!! I love Icecream as much as I love hunting squirrel in my back yard!!! I must stop both!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Texas Heat wave???

The weather is about to shift. Hot heat headed our way and , as I get older I began to despise the heat. We don't get enough winter, I want ice storms, I want snow! Summer would be ok if we got more rain, but as the world get closer to the end of times , I have a feeling things are Fixen to get bad! Right now it feels great out side but not for long. 2013 I pray it stays cool....., I hate everyone that loves summer!!!! I don't want you ever to say you can't wait till Christmas !!!! Keep your hot summer !!!!! I hope you fry on the first Texas heat wave!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bunny 2013

Come on ! I love Jesus and believe in the power of the cross !!! My Jesus loves little children ! Lets not demonize the Easter bunny and kids hunting Colored Eggs. If you want to fight some real devils come Join, Us nazarites in prayer and let's go bind the strongmen in the city and shut up . I don't need you to get all religious and start hating on the spirituality of our church. Stop hating us cuz some of the little kids are getting candy.....! Do something productive and come join us this month as we go face paint some kids faces in the projects so they can join our Sunday bus route a d come to church.
Happy Easter... Sucker!