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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Character Builder

This season in my life I really feel God Focucsing on  my Character for a lot a reasons... (please add scriptures that pop up in you head or spirit man as you read)

God is more interested and concerned in building Good strong Charcter than your comfort or personal Needs. If thier is a cracked or hairline crack in your foundation he might just strip you down , break you down, then rebuild you especially if you feel led in the ministry. No matter how old you get or young you are , as long as he started on you he will continue working on you as long as you don’t quit on yourself.. you must have discipline!!! Haveing discipline is a MUST in the  KINGDOM , the Kingdom is built on discipleship which creates discipline in the ranks of GODS foot soildiers .

Praying in the HolyGhost and Reading the WORD, helps build Godly Charcter and Discipline in your spirit man .

Praying, being spirit filled is great !! BUT praying and being LED of the Holyspirit takes discipline !! ; FASTING breaks the lazy spirit of complacency

The character I’m talking about is the kind that will withstand temptations, waves of persecutions, all the evils of this world and still show agape love!! Unconditional love for others!!! 

Do you feel like going to the nxt level in your realationship with God! ....FAST!! Challenge yourself ! Stir up your most Holy faith 

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