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Friday, July 27, 2018

2018 BloodMoons

Pay attention to all current events after these last bloodmoons, apparently this is a sign to us Christian....Persecution and odd things to come are very near, honestly do you believe this? I’m curious do you? Me ? Yes I do. This is why if you don’t believe me just keep the news on and watch for current events things are going to really bad!!   Click >>> This weeks blood-moons!


  1. I saw the color of the moon yesterday around 3-4 in the morning.and it's been on my mind.

  2. Right after the last blood moon things are gonna get weird and bad, funny thing is it’s not going to spook or scare the current population most will be ready Togo with the flow persecute the Christians .

  3. As I recall from Haggees study of the blood moons and the movie, there are correlations to things that happened where Israel/Jews suffered but triumphed. Mark Blitz thought it was end times from Joel. There is no doubt that we are given signs in the Heavens and the blood moon correlation is not just coincidence. But something is going to give. Trump aligned us with Israel and recognized Jerusalem as Israels' capital. I definitely in just worldly eyes see retaliation. I see it as a preemptive strike before a huge revival in this last season before tribulation. I also see many restored like Joel 2:25-26 and Joel 2:28 is what keeps resonating with me. No weapon formed against me shall prosper so whatever happens I think happens to clear out the way for the wealth transfer, the restorations, the change of hands to receive in a clear path.